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A new remarketing strategy to overcome privacy challenges

In 2021 we saw one of the biggest changes to Facebook Ads we’ve encountered in the history of the platform!

🤯 The Apple iOS 14 privacy update took effect – this allows users to opt-out of being tracked by advertisers.

We’ve had a lot of time to see how this change has been shaking out, and the impact has varied quite a bit across all of our Members’ accounts.

Our traditional Facebook remarketing campaigns (where you are able to show an ad to anyone who has been to your website) are still performing better than the industry average! 🙌🙌🙌

But as expected, we’re no longer able to retarget individuals who have opted out of tracking, even after they’ve landed on a member’s website.

🔥 The good news though…

In our ongoing research & learning, we’ve discovered a great solution that has continued to work phenomenally well!

We’ve started using a new audience based on “social engagement” – which is a fancy way to say that anyone who likes or comments on any of your ‘organic’ posts on Instagram or Facebook will start seeing your ads!

This new audience type has been able to reach a much larger number of people, and continue driving qualified leads from remarketing despite the impact of the Privacy changes.

👉 If you’re managing your own ad campaigns and want to give this a try, here’s how to get started:

  1. Make sure you’ve been actively posting on Facebook and Instagram! (If your accounts are totally dormant, this new audience won’t be much help.)
  2. Create 2 new “custom audiences” in Facebook Ads Manager. One for Facebook engagement and one for Instagram engagement. Make sure to select your correct pages and select the option to include “People who engaged with any post or ad”. We set the time period to the last 90 days.
  3. Create a new ad set (or campaign if you want a separate budget), duplicate your existing ads, and include both new audiences in the new ad set.

Cheers to keeping remarketing alive and thriving!

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