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How to get a hold of a REAL person at Facebook support

The last thing you want to happen when running Facebook and Instagram Ads is that you get hit with an unforeseen problem (like ads being disabled for no reason)! Even worse: you have no idea what to do or how to fix it.  Which is why we want to make sure you know how to get ahold of a real life person at Facebook Support!

This info may save you hours of stress and get you help quickly, if you end up needing it. 

(We honestly hope you don’t need it, but chances are that you may need it someday in the future .) 

Facebook Support is something that we use more often than we would like to have to… because let’s be honest, things come up and problems happen! And while their support is not amazing, it’s better than nothing and can be a good resource when you are in a pickle. 

This support resource can help with:

  •  Facebook + Instagram Ads
  •  Your Facebook business page
  •  Your Instagram business page
  •  Your Facebook Business Manager account

First, tap here and go to the support page for businesses—we recommend you bookmark ASAP! (Note: You must be logged into your Facebook account that is connected to your business page and Ads Manager to access the support page.)

Next, check out the short screencast below that our team member Katelin made—it walks you through the steps on how to get into a real-life conversion with someone at Facebook Support.

At the end of the day, we hope that you never have to use this bit of info. But if you do, we’d love to know what your experience was like! 

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