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How your website’s load speed affects your success

In our work managing ad campaigns, we’ve seen time and time again that one of the most important things to get right is having a website that loads quickly!

It is easily overlooked, but it’s massively important. If your site isn’t loading super quickly, we can all but guarantee that your slow site is costing you a lot of money, and you’re losing leads. 😳

How exactly?

Well, think of the last time you clicked on a link for a business you didn’t yet know and you had to wait for their site to load.

Chances are you hit the back button and selected one of their competitors instead (if you were searching Google) or you just went back to scrolling your newsfeed (if you were on FB, IG, or elsewhere).

🤯🤯🤯 On average, having a website that takes one extra second to load costs you 10% of visitors.

Not only are those people who won’t be contacting you if they clicked on your ad – you’ve actually paid for them to land on your website and leave before ever learning about your business. Having more than just a few people do this is a waste of money that adds up fast!

Take action:

  1. Find out your website’s load speed:
    Head over to Google’s free tool – PageSpeed Insights.
  2. Enter the URL of the page you want to test. Pages can have different load times, so it’s good to start out testing your main landing page(s).
  3. Wait 10 seconds and find out the results! It’s helpful to look at results for both mobile & desktop.

👉 If you discover that your site speed needs improvement, reach out to your website developer to share the results and ask them to help you get your site to load faster.

While there’s a lot that can go into making a site load quickly, sometimes it can be as simple as upgrading your hosting to a faster plan!

Cheers to faster websites and more leads!

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