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Is it time to re-review your website to make sure it’s ready to convert?

When was the last time you put yourself in the shoes of a bride and looked at your site from her perspective?

If you can’t remember, then walking through your potential customer’s online journey with your website is a must-do in the near future to get ready.

Every business grows and changes, so even if you think you’re already familiar with your site, it’s important to do this to make sure it hasn’t fallen behind. Every single one of your potential new customers will either find you first online or check you out online before deciding to contact you.

Here’s our list of what to look out for as you take stock of what your site communicates:

  • Read your text.
    • Does it make sense?
    • Is it answering the questions your ideal customer would be asking?
    • Does it compel the reader to take an action?
  • Look at your images.
    • What are they communicating to the viewer
    • Do they tell your story? Show off who you are?
  • Test your booking & contact systems
    • Do they actually work the way you want them to?
    • What does the visitor see after they click submit?
  • Check Your Map & Address information
    • Is it correct and current?
    • If it links to directions, is it linking to the correct place?
  • Click on all your links
    • Are any of them broken?
    • If you’re linking your phone number & email, do they work the way you want them to?
  • Test all the above in both desktop & mobile
    • These days, most users are looking at your website on their phones, so don’t ignore your mobile view!

If you find changes to make, reach out to your web developer so they can get started now. When they’re done, don’t forget to check your ads to make sure they still accurately reflect your business!

Cheers to better website experiences that convert more brides!

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